Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Market to Market

Well I certainly didnt buy a fat pig, didnt even see one unless I count myself but then I didnt actually see myself at the market. To explain, I participated in an arts & craft Market at our local library, Sara had made heaps of quilts and some very cute monsters and a few other bits and pieces so just to compliment her stall I made some felt food. Chocolate coated donuts, some felt biscuits and some cute punnets of strawberries and some gingerbread men and a couple of little cup cakes. Everything was made of felt and coloured thread, I didnt use any beads for embellishments because I wanted the youngest child to have a tea party and play with the felt food knowing they were safe in that they couldnt eat any beads off them so nothing would get stuck in any orrifices or cause any chocking hazzards. Everything was received very well and quite a bit of it sold so that was lovely. Now I have decided to concentrate on making little felt cupcakes etc to take to the next market with Sara which I think will be a "Mini Me Market" a new concept coming to town especially for babies and kids.
I dont enjoy sitting at the market all day or the selling part but I absolutly adore the creating and making part. I can create, snip, handsew, knit, glue, sew anything and Im happy, however I have terrible trouble just sitting still at night and watching TV, Im sad when Im not creating, not slash my wrists sad, but just not happy to watch TV unless my hands are busy, If Im not creating or making I usually fall asleep.
Ginger bread men and a few little cakes

iced vovo's and chocolate chip cookies to name a few

I wouldnt say I make something new everyday but if Im not making something Im thinking about what I can make and how Im going to make it or Im surfing the net for ideas and tecniques, this of course wastes a lot of my creating time but if my hands arnt working on something at least my brain is.
I hope everone who bought something enjoys it for a long time.
                                                     the chocolate covered donuts
                                                       And plenty of lovely strawberries

anyway Im off to create something now, well I have to feed a baby first and then Im off

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Anonymous said...

I just love these! The donuts are my absolute favorite! They look so great :-)

~ Meagan