Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two days in a row

How bizzare that I hardly ever blog and now its two days in a row.
Well done Me!

Today was the christmas party for Bob's Kindergym and wouldnt you know it also the same day as our mothers group christmas lunch. We got to the kindergym very early and he had quite a good time, then about another sixty kids turned up, cant believe how many kids and pregnant ladies you can fit in one hall. Toys were at a premium by that stage so its lucky Bob only has a two minute span of attention. Some little girl stole his car off him, she was draging a petrol bowser behind her, pushed him out of the way and said "Thats my car" Bob gave her the Ninja look and just walked off. Way to go Bob cause I wanted to smack her. Father Christmas turned up and all the kids ran over to him to collect a present so that gave Bob a chance to take his pick of the toys again because he wasnt interested in getting a present. Then we sat on the floor and had some morning tea, Bob picked himself two pieces of chocolate slice, one for each hand of course.
He was pretty tired by that stage as he had been up since 5am so he then layed down and ate his slice. Soon every kid in the building was around the snack table and I cant believe how much food these little kids were putting on their plate and their mothers seemed to be encouraging it, surely they were not going to eat it all. (Greedy Greedy Greedy)
Once Bob was finished with his slice he got up and walked to the door because he was ready for home, I picked him up and took him over to Santa to collect his present ( a lovely little book about colours) thanks Santa and thanks Kindergym, then we collected our shoes and went back to work. He was very tired so layed down for a few minutes and drank his bottle of milk.
Alas by lunch time he was way to tired and grumpy to go to the mothers group lunch so I bought him home and put him to bed. Mind you I cooked little cupcakes this morning at 7am for our lunch party and bought a present for the chris kringle, I guess we will eat the cakes tonight and the little monster I bought for the chris kringle will come in handy for another party some other day

Yummy cupcakes
While Bob was at work he decided that Poppy Bob needed some help fixing a baler, it was obvious Poppy had no idea what he was doing so Bob had to take over and tell him what to do. I call it gingerising, this is what little boys do that have red hair and know everything. It was very cute though and Poppy loved it, he was very excited that Bob was interested in fixing things. Sorry Poppy but he is too young to be your next apprentice, I hope you have retired by the time he is sixteen.

I think this is broken Poppy

Poppy why arnt you listening, I know what Im doing
Both Bob and Esther are in bed sleeping now so thats fantastic, it gave me a chance to fiddle with some fabric and do a dummy run on a babushka doll, it was pretty rough but it was only a test run but it actually turned out pretty well so I put a rattly thing in it so now Esther has herself a cute rattle, its about 16 cm high and 5cm wide. Because it turned out ok it now opens the floodgate to perfect it, I will make a few and hopefully sell them at the next market. Babushka's are very trendy at the moment but I also want to do a similar thing but for boys, perhaps a pirate or a robot.

Babushka rattle proto type
Last night I also used some little scraps and made a little bunny, it was very cute but I didnt like the dangly ears so I tied them in a knot, of course Esther has another toy, it will go in her cot with all the other pretty little creatures. Its about 20 cm tall when standing but is the perfect size for a little girl to hold or chew on. Not sure I would make another one that small because the logistics of turning the arms and legs out the right way just does my head in but it would be very cute made as a bigger toy, another option for the market I guess.

A star is Born
Not sure what I will do tonight, should I tinker with these two proto types or experiment with something new? Oh the stress of it all. At least I have lots of pretty fabrics to choose from, Spotlight had a lot of fat quarters out for one dollar and then a lot of cheap quilting fabrics and Mrs Greedy bought a heap even though she didnt really need them. Also went in and bought a heap of felt this week, they had a new lot in so there were lots of colours to choose from, cant wait to cut them up into little bits.

Esthers new friends


Sara said...

Go you good blogging thing...

That second picture of the two Bobs is so cute. And I'm sorry, but the idea of Poppy retiring is laughable. Not gunna happen.

Have you made a booking for the MiniMe market yet? I haven't done anything about it because I wanted to wait till after the weekend, but I think we should go, even if it means focusing on toys for the next two months.

Did you see what they were doing on facebook, tagging every local group they could find so that their link would come up on everyone's pages? On the one hand it's shifty, underhanded and a bit annoying, on the other, it's a clever, free way to get word out. Maybe these guys will be a bit more on it with the advertising than the library is.

Anonymous said...

Love the story of your little Bob at the Kindergym :-) & your babushka rattle is so precious!

~ Meagan