Sunday, December 12, 2010


Went Spotlighting again today, mercy dash for some ribbon and embroidery cottons of course, my excuse anyway. Nabbed some satin ribbons for ten cents a metre and the cottons were thirty cents so all round a pretty good spotlighting expedition.
 Last night we went to "The Barn Steak House" for Stephens work christmas dinner, I was sooooo tired I couldnt stop yawning, I had no craft to keep me awake and I was with some pretty boring people except for Stephen but he had nothing to say either. Well while my brain was wandering between tired and food I came up with this brilliant craft idea for the market, I couldnt wait to get home, go to bed and wake up in the morning so I could give it a go. I came up with "Baby Bunting" yes the pretty flags you hang around your kids rooms only this was for dolls houses. I got up at 5.30 am with Bob and after reading up on all the overnight blogs I got Bob his breakfast and then hit the fabric pile, I got my antique pinking shears and snipped away then sewed all the little bunting flags onto some satin ribbon. It was so cute I had to go staight to Mary's (sisters) house so I could try it on her kids dolls house. It was beautifull and the girls liked it so much they have ordered another one each so they can tie them onto their bed ends. They were a hit as far as they  were concerned  and I trust those little girls because Lexie is very honest and would say if she didnt like it and Tillie is a fashionista come interior decorating specialist of all things lovely. I also made them a fabric lined felt box each so they were pretty pleased with their mornings bootie.
When I got home I started cutting some more bunting flags until the pinking shears wouldnt cut anymore. I will have to go spotlighting again for some new pinking shears.
Anyway that was the extent of my crafting today because we also had our street xmas party to go to. The kids were asleep until 4.30 so we only made it to the last half hour but that was still ok. Then we had fish and chips for dinner and then after a little play Bob had a bath and then went to bed, he must have been tired because we never heard a peep from him.
Then I watched a bit of recorded TV but was very tired and couldnt keep my eyes open so I got up and vaccumed both lounge rooms the kitchen the dining room and our bedroom, still have the other half of the house to go but Bob was asleep so I couldnt go down there, might wash the floors in the morning because Bob and I get up very early and at least the mop is quiet so I can still use that while the rest of the house is asleep.
Anyway I dont have photos of the baby buntings because I was too excited and forgot to take photos but I will definatly take some when I have done the new lot, thats if I find some pinking shears that work.

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Sara said...

you're such a victim... but yeah, I went to spotlight today too for some cottons and I spent about $17 all up so you're not the only one...