Friday, December 10, 2010

Thank god its Friday

Well here I am again, third blog this week, I dont know how I do it. Im always too busy or too tired and blogging is the last thing on my mind but I guess its a bit of a diary for what the kids have been up to interspersed with craft from the crazy woman.

Well Bob bit my finger this morning, not real hard, I think he was just trying to tell me he grew a new tooth this week. He does a lot of things these days, he stalks his mother and does all the things she is just about to do, if I change his nappy, he runs to the bin to open it for me, if I go in the laundry he opens the washing machine and shoves the laundry in and opens the detergent draw. When I give him his meals I point to all the food and tell him what it is, well you dont want to turn five and go to school and not have a clue what your food is called do you. Anyway as soon as I put his plate down he starts waving his finger over all the food and mumbles little words. Just what mummy needs, a little parrot repeating everything she says and does. Why dosnt he just speak already. Tonight just to surprise him I stood all his food up, I cut the round ends off the sausages and stood them up, I did the same with his cheese stick and his strawberries, I also stacked his spaghetti noodles into a pyramid, It all looked very trendy, of course by the time I took a photo he had knocked most of it over but I thought it was pretty funny. Poor Bob has a crazy mother.

The funny dinner

On the crafting side I stitched a couple of little things on to Esthers onesies this week, here she is wearing one with a little teddie on it. The other one was a vintage print fabric and I cut a cirlce and sewed it onto her onesie.

I also had a brain wave that instead of making a russian softie I could make a Japanese one, this is the proto type, now I have made it I realise the bottom half has to be a lot bigger, I also have lots of plans for the embellishments, including lots of pretty ribbons, I will keep you posted.

 The felt at the front is either going all together or in for a total redesign, on a good note I cut out the red felt flower by hand and it came out ok, well its not perfect but Im happy with it. I got a new pair of embroidery scissors from spotlight the other day for $5 and I thought "well for that price you cant go wrong" They are beautifull, Im going back to get another pair if they still have them because they are great for cutting small things

I also made a felt box and lined it with fabric and cut out a fabric flower for the front, again this was a prototype, the felt was extremely thin so it wouldnt hold itself up very well so I put some interfacing in the side walls, the interfacing I had was a bit too stiff, I bought it for another project but as it was only a prototype it was ok. I have some thicker felt which should work better and I will get some more appropriate interfacing tomorrow. I imagine making them in lots of different colours with cute matching fabric for the linings. I think red should go well because its pretty trendy at the moment anyway I will see how it all goes because I dont want to bite off more than I can chew and at the moment I have lots of ideas but I havnt actually started any of them for resale and xmas is coming and February 27th will soon be here and I dont want to leave everything until the last minute.

Lined felt box
 Not sure what you would use them for but Im sure they would look pretty in a little girls room with ribbons or hair clips in them. I guess I could also decorate them to suit boys rooms etc
anyway Im off to bed now, I have to get up early and go to Spotlight = )


Anonymous said...

I love the flower on the box. It turned out quite well :-)

~ Meagan

Sara said...

In my pre-Bob experience, most rangas are mentals.

Did you see on the Christmas table at Spotlight there were some iron on patches with owls? I considered getting them for Tillie but they're Christmassey as well so I didn't.