Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crafternoon with Tillie

This afternoon turned into crafternoon with niece Tillie, she is 10 and also a mad crafter so today we made a babushka doll hair clip holder. For the non hair clip people or those not in the know of all things cool you hang this in your room and all your hairclips go on the ribbon so you dont lose them, I imagine they would also look very pretty. Tillie is also the Queen of hairclips so its going to the perfect home. We used mostly felt and a little fabric some glue  and some fancy top stitching also done by Tillie. I had some Babushka fabric that I had cut out so we also sewed one of those onto the bottom of the ribbon than added a few little jewels to snaz it up a bit.

We also made a very quick pin cushion because she dosnt have one at home, not the best bit of stitching we have ever done but we were in a hurry, there is always next time to make another one and a girl can never have enough pin cushions or crafternoons. Thanks Tillie for the entertainment and looking after Esther.


Sara said...

you've gone blog crazy. it's excellent. keep it up. :)

take the cake said...

Im trying hard Sara, Just for you