Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Stuff I made for Christmas

Ha harrrrr now I can blog about the stuff  I made for christmas. My blog has laid idol as there were a lot off top secret projects going on that just couldnt be spoken about, now the gifts have been given Im free to show pictures.
I made the three youngest nieces a photo board each

This was for Tillie, she picked the fabric
Pink Babushkas of course

This was for Maddie, some lovely ladies dressed with flowers

and my personal favourite went to Lexie
 Glad they are all done as there was quite a bit off work in them and especially having to sew all those buttons. I hope they enjoy them.

Lexie got lucky with the next creation, I adapted a pattern I found in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine.
I had to hand draw my own pattern  and made her twice as large as she was meant to be, I redesigned her feet from silly felt, flat boots to some lovely big feet with buckle up shoes. I also added a frill to the bottom of her dress and a hand cut flower to embellish her hair.

 and finally I made Kelsey a pin cushion from some reproduction prints I bought to do Esther a quilt but the fabric was so lovely it was just asking to be used. I liked it so much I wanted to keep it myself, I guess I will have to make myself a similar one. Well one day when I get around to it.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nothing new

Not much crafting gone on over the last couple of days, Princess Whiney has been constipated, I must admit its been terrible for her but I think she is liking all the attention from Mummy and now she is just putting it on so to speak so I drop everything and run to her, waiting and hoping that the little pebble poops make an appearance. I have been giving her brown sugar in water which she is liking a lot and its definatly helping her situation but it dosnt get my crafting done. I know that sounds selfish and mothers arnt meant to be selfish but Im trying to make christmas presents and stuff for the up coming market in February.
I did get a little pair of shorts made for Bob yesterday, Tillie found some very cute jersey fabric in Spotlight on the weekend and I thought it would make a lovely pair of pyjama shorts for Bob, it took me a day to lay the pattern out, a day to cut it up and another day to get it sewn. No Im not a slow sewer but as I said earlier Princess Whiney as she is now known has had a bottom issue, actually so has Bob but at least you dont hear him whinging about it, he is ok now though, just a bad couple of days. Personally I think its the water, the town supply changed to bore water and the water is brown and most of the time smells like sewerage.
Anyway the shorts are done, I changed the pattern a bit as there where four pieces and I adapted it to just two. I hate sewing jersey as I dont have an overlocker and when I started sewing I remembered why I dont like sewing. They turned out ok but I think I will stick to cottons from now on. They are in the wash as we speak so the photo will have to be taken another day.

I do have a couple of promised shots of the baby bunting though

The kids had a bit of a play in the ball pit the other day, well Esther was in there first and Bob just couldnt bare it so he hopped in to, it was pretty funny really. Esther quited enjoyed all the pretty coloured balls and when she layed down Im sure the balls sounded funny on her ears. Bob did a funny jiggy thing on the side, he seems to ride it like a pony, obviously his newest latest trick he has learnt all on his own.

Ohhhhh preddy!

Bob getting jiggy with it

Mum kept putting balls in Bob's shirt

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Went Spotlighting again today, mercy dash for some ribbon and embroidery cottons of course, my excuse anyway. Nabbed some satin ribbons for ten cents a metre and the cottons were thirty cents so all round a pretty good spotlighting expedition.
 Last night we went to "The Barn Steak House" for Stephens work christmas dinner, I was sooooo tired I couldnt stop yawning, I had no craft to keep me awake and I was with some pretty boring people except for Stephen but he had nothing to say either. Well while my brain was wandering between tired and food I came up with this brilliant craft idea for the market, I couldnt wait to get home, go to bed and wake up in the morning so I could give it a go. I came up with "Baby Bunting" yes the pretty flags you hang around your kids rooms only this was for dolls houses. I got up at 5.30 am with Bob and after reading up on all the overnight blogs I got Bob his breakfast and then hit the fabric pile, I got my antique pinking shears and snipped away then sewed all the little bunting flags onto some satin ribbon. It was so cute I had to go staight to Mary's (sisters) house so I could try it on her kids dolls house. It was beautifull and the girls liked it so much they have ordered another one each so they can tie them onto their bed ends. They were a hit as far as they  were concerned  and I trust those little girls because Lexie is very honest and would say if she didnt like it and Tillie is a fashionista come interior decorating specialist of all things lovely. I also made them a fabric lined felt box each so they were pretty pleased with their mornings bootie.
When I got home I started cutting some more bunting flags until the pinking shears wouldnt cut anymore.
Bummer.......now I will have to go spotlighting again for some new pinking shears.
Anyway that was the extent of my crafting today because we also had our street xmas party to go to. The kids were asleep until 4.30 so we only made it to the last half hour but that was still ok. Then we had fish and chips for dinner and then after a little play Bob had a bath and then went to bed, he must have been tired because we never heard a peep from him.
Then I watched a bit of recorded TV but was very tired and couldnt keep my eyes open so I got up and vaccumed both lounge rooms the kitchen the dining room and our bedroom, still have the other half of the house to go but Bob was asleep so I couldnt go down there, might wash the floors in the morning because Bob and I get up very early and at least the mop is quiet so I can still use that while the rest of the house is asleep.
Anyway I dont have photos of the baby buntings because I was too excited and forgot to take photos but I will definatly take some when I have done the new lot, thats if I find some pinking shears that work.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Crafternoon with Tillie

This afternoon turned into crafternoon with niece Tillie, she is 10 and also a mad crafter so today we made a babushka doll hair clip holder. For the non hair clip people or those not in the know of all things cool you hang this in your room and all your hairclips go on the ribbon so you dont lose them, I imagine they would also look very pretty. Tillie is also the Queen of hairclips so its going to the perfect home. We used mostly felt and a little fabric some glue  and some fancy top stitching also done by Tillie. I had some Babushka fabric that I had cut out so we also sewed one of those onto the bottom of the ribbon than added a few little jewels to snaz it up a bit.

We also made a very quick pin cushion because she dosnt have one at home, not the best bit of stitching we have ever done but we were in a hurry, there is always next time to make another one and a girl can never have enough pin cushions or crafternoons. Thanks Tillie for the entertainment and looking after Esther.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Thank god its Friday

Well here I am again, third blog this week, I dont know how I do it. Im always too busy or too tired and blogging is the last thing on my mind but I guess its a bit of a diary for what the kids have been up to interspersed with craft from the crazy woman.

Well Bob bit my finger this morning, not real hard, I think he was just trying to tell me he grew a new tooth this week. He does a lot of things these days, he stalks his mother and does all the things she is just about to do, if I change his nappy, he runs to the bin to open it for me, if I go in the laundry he opens the washing machine and shoves the laundry in and opens the detergent draw. When I give him his meals I point to all the food and tell him what it is, well you dont want to turn five and go to school and not have a clue what your food is called do you. Anyway as soon as I put his plate down he starts waving his finger over all the food and mumbles little words. Just what mummy needs, a little parrot repeating everything she says and does. Why dosnt he just speak already. Tonight just to surprise him I stood all his food up, I cut the round ends off the sausages and stood them up, I did the same with his cheese stick and his strawberries, I also stacked his spaghetti noodles into a pyramid, It all looked very trendy, of course by the time I took a photo he had knocked most of it over but I thought it was pretty funny. Poor Bob has a crazy mother.

The funny dinner

On the crafting side I stitched a couple of little things on to Esthers onesies this week, here she is wearing one with a little teddie on it. The other one was a vintage print fabric and I cut a cirlce and sewed it onto her onesie.

I also had a brain wave that instead of making a russian softie I could make a Japanese one, this is the proto type, now I have made it I realise the bottom half has to be a lot bigger, I also have lots of plans for the embellishments, including lots of pretty ribbons, I will keep you posted.

 The felt at the front is either going all together or in for a total redesign, on a good note I cut out the red felt flower by hand and it came out ok, well its not perfect but Im happy with it. I got a new pair of embroidery scissors from spotlight the other day for $5 and I thought "well for that price you cant go wrong" They are beautifull, Im going back to get another pair if they still have them because they are great for cutting small things

I also made a felt box and lined it with fabric and cut out a fabric flower for the front, again this was a prototype, the felt was extremely thin so it wouldnt hold itself up very well so I put some interfacing in the side walls, the interfacing I had was a bit too stiff, I bought it for another project but as it was only a prototype it was ok. I have some thicker felt which should work better and I will get some more appropriate interfacing tomorrow. I imagine making them in lots of different colours with cute matching fabric for the linings. I think red should go well because its pretty trendy at the moment anyway I will see how it all goes because I dont want to bite off more than I can chew and at the moment I have lots of ideas but I havnt actually started any of them for resale and xmas is coming and February 27th will soon be here and I dont want to leave everything until the last minute.

Lined felt box
 Not sure what you would use them for but Im sure they would look pretty in a little girls room with ribbons or hair clips in them. I guess I could also decorate them to suit boys rooms etc
anyway Im off to bed now, I have to get up early and go to Spotlight = )

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Two days in a row

How bizzare that I hardly ever blog and now its two days in a row.
Well done Me!

Today was the christmas party for Bob's Kindergym and wouldnt you know it also the same day as our mothers group christmas lunch. We got to the kindergym very early and he had quite a good time, then about another sixty kids turned up, cant believe how many kids and pregnant ladies you can fit in one hall. Toys were at a premium by that stage so its lucky Bob only has a two minute span of attention. Some little girl stole his car off him, she was draging a petrol bowser behind her, pushed him out of the way and said "Thats my car" Bob gave her the Ninja look and just walked off. Way to go Bob cause I wanted to smack her. Father Christmas turned up and all the kids ran over to him to collect a present so that gave Bob a chance to take his pick of the toys again because he wasnt interested in getting a present. Then we sat on the floor and had some morning tea, Bob picked himself two pieces of chocolate slice, one for each hand of course.
He was pretty tired by that stage as he had been up since 5am so he then layed down and ate his slice. Soon every kid in the building was around the snack table and I cant believe how much food these little kids were putting on their plate and their mothers seemed to be encouraging it, surely they were not going to eat it all. (Greedy Greedy Greedy)
Once Bob was finished with his slice he got up and walked to the door because he was ready for home, I picked him up and took him over to Santa to collect his present ( a lovely little book about colours) thanks Santa and thanks Kindergym, then we collected our shoes and went back to work. He was very tired so layed down for a few minutes and drank his bottle of milk.
Alas by lunch time he was way to tired and grumpy to go to the mothers group lunch so I bought him home and put him to bed. Mind you I cooked little cupcakes this morning at 7am for our lunch party and bought a present for the chris kringle, I guess we will eat the cakes tonight and the little monster I bought for the chris kringle will come in handy for another party some other day

Yummy cupcakes
While Bob was at work he decided that Poppy Bob needed some help fixing a baler, it was obvious Poppy had no idea what he was doing so Bob had to take over and tell him what to do. I call it gingerising, this is what little boys do that have red hair and know everything. It was very cute though and Poppy loved it, he was very excited that Bob was interested in fixing things. Sorry Poppy but he is too young to be your next apprentice, I hope you have retired by the time he is sixteen.

I think this is broken Poppy

Poppy why arnt you listening, I know what Im doing
Both Bob and Esther are in bed sleeping now so thats fantastic, it gave me a chance to fiddle with some fabric and do a dummy run on a babushka doll, it was pretty rough but it was only a test run but it actually turned out pretty well so I put a rattly thing in it so now Esther has herself a cute rattle, its about 16 cm high and 5cm wide. Because it turned out ok it now opens the floodgate to perfect it, I will make a few and hopefully sell them at the next market. Babushka's are very trendy at the moment but I also want to do a similar thing but for boys, perhaps a pirate or a robot.

Babushka rattle proto type
Last night I also used some little scraps and made a little bunny, it was very cute but I didnt like the dangly ears so I tied them in a knot, of course Esther has another toy, it will go in her cot with all the other pretty little creatures. Its about 20 cm tall when standing but is the perfect size for a little girl to hold or chew on. Not sure I would make another one that small because the logistics of turning the arms and legs out the right way just does my head in but it would be very cute made as a bigger toy, another option for the market I guess.

A star is Born
Not sure what I will do tonight, should I tinker with these two proto types or experiment with something new? Oh the stress of it all. At least I have lots of pretty fabrics to choose from, Spotlight had a lot of fat quarters out for one dollar and then a lot of cheap quilting fabrics and Mrs Greedy bought a heap even though she didnt really need them. Also went in and bought a heap of felt this week, they had a new lot in so there were lots of colours to choose from, cant wait to cut them up into little bits.

Esthers new friends

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

To Market to Market

Well I certainly didnt buy a fat pig, didnt even see one unless I count myself but then I didnt actually see myself at the market. To explain, I participated in an arts & craft Market at our local library, Sara had made heaps of quilts and some very cute monsters and a few other bits and pieces so just to compliment her stall I made some felt food. Chocolate coated donuts, some felt biscuits and some cute punnets of strawberries and some gingerbread men and a couple of little cup cakes. Everything was made of felt and coloured thread, I didnt use any beads for embellishments because I wanted the youngest child to have a tea party and play with the felt food knowing they were safe in that they couldnt eat any beads off them so nothing would get stuck in any orrifices or cause any chocking hazzards. Everything was received very well and quite a bit of it sold so that was lovely. Now I have decided to concentrate on making little felt cupcakes etc to take to the next market with Sara which I think will be a "Mini Me Market" a new concept coming to town especially for babies and kids.
I dont enjoy sitting at the market all day or the selling part but I absolutly adore the creating and making part. I can create, snip, handsew, knit, glue, sew anything and Im happy, however I have terrible trouble just sitting still at night and watching TV, Im sad when Im not creating, not slash my wrists sad, but just not happy to watch TV unless my hands are busy, If Im not creating or making I usually fall asleep.
Ginger bread men and a few little cakes

iced vovo's and chocolate chip cookies to name a few

I wouldnt say I make something new everyday but if Im not making something Im thinking about what I can make and how Im going to make it or Im surfing the net for ideas and tecniques, this of course wastes a lot of my creating time but if my hands arnt working on something at least my brain is.
I hope everone who bought something enjoys it for a long time.
                                                     the chocolate covered donuts
                                                       And plenty of lovely strawberries

anyway Im off to create something now, well I have to feed a baby first and then Im off

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Getting Closer

Oh my! dosnt time go fast.........its nearly Christmas........well its getting closer anyway.

I spoke to Santa the other day, he says he has things organised, well you cant leave these thing to chance when you have two kids in the house. I had a nightmare the other day, it was xmas eve and no one told me. No one had spoken to Santa so nothing was organised, it frightened me so much I woke up in a cold sweat and sat bolt upright very traumatised I had missed christmas. What sort of mother am I? It took me about 20 seconds worth of muddled thoughts to work out what day it really was and that I hadnt missed christmas at all. WHAT A RELIEF!!!!

Having said all that, Im still mystified as to what I should be organising for the rest of the family though. I have two nieces totally sorted, one niece half sorted and one nephew half sorted but that still leaves me with a mere 2000 presents short of a full christmas. It sounds terrible but I think it comes down to giving money, the bigger kids always appreciate that but it just sounds lousy when you have no presents. You have twelve months to think about it and you still leave it till the last minute, that takes the cake dosnt it!

On a totally different note, the ginger ninja seems to be teething at the moment, looks like three or four are on the way out all at the same time. certainly isnt sleeping as well as usual and the temper is that of a true ginger child. Of course being 17 months old also makes him want to be very independent and wont accept any help from anyone which makes for some very interesting tantrums. He is a beautifull boy but is as stubborn as his father, his father is also the most beautifull person I know except for his stubborn streak he is almost perfect.

My greatest hope is that Esther dosnt have the same stubborn streak, she seems very interested in me when Im sewing so hopefully she will have a lovely temper just like her mother. When she wakes up in the morning she seems very glad to see me and cant hold back the smiles, its really lovely to see.  Not that Bob isnt glad to see me in the mornings but Im just his way of getting out of bed so he can go and do more ninjaring.

Its now been three or four days since I started this post, as a mum you just dont get the time to finish anything when you want to. Anyway I had a little bit more inspiration of what to get for a few people for xmas so thats always a good thing. Jensen is now totally sorted so thats a relief, its more important for the little kids to have something exciting they really like or want because thats what christmas is all about.
Our local christmas parade is on this weekend so Im very excited about that because then Im free to put up the christmas tree. Actually Im a bit distressed about the tree this year as I have some beautifull decorations and some are very fragile and I know as soon as the tree goes up the Ninja will be doing his thing......Ninjaring and so I fear for the lives of my pretty decorations. Of course this christmas also means I have to decorate two new baubles for Esther, one for our tree and one for Nannies tree. We all have our names on a decoration and at Nannies house there are enough people in the whole extended family to have nothing but name baubles on the tree, it actually looks really nice because all the baubles are the same except for the names and the styles of decoration but I think Esther will be the last addition for a while. Anyway lets see what happens after the christmas parade which I hope Bob enjoys, he slept through it last year as it just wasnt his thing but this year is a whole different ball game. CHRISTMAS........BRING IT ON!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poor Bob

Saturday 16th October, Bobs first vist to the Hospital as a patient since he was born. On Thursday he had to have a blood test to see what allergies he has that is causing his nasty rashes, well this maybe an easy exercise for an adult or a bit older child but for a 17 month old its very traumatic to say the least. They put an anesthetic patch on his inner elbow so he wouldnt feel the needle, that was bad enough getting that on. We returned in an hour and had to wait for both nurses to be free, he threw an absolute tantrum in the waiting room because he wasnt allowed to open the doors and drawers and frankly he just didnt want to be there, I ended up ringing his Dad to come down as he only works down the road. By that time Bob was hysterical then we had to go into the room and pull the patch off his arm to take a blood sample. It appears he is also allergic to the numbing patch but anyway it takes three of us to hold him down and one nurse to get the sample. He was so traumatised I had to take him straight home and he just couldnt stop sobbing all the way home. That night he kept on waking up screaming, apparantly having nightmares about the whole nasty event.

Friday night was much the same, woke at 2am crying but I just left him and he went back to sleep, woke again at 4am hysterical, nothing would console him not even a bottle of milk. I had to take him into the lounge and lay on the floor with him just to calm him down. He had a small amount of milk then stood up and walked to the door that leads to his bedroom so I took him back to his room and put him back into his cot where he preceded to scream his head off. I ended up just walking out and he soon settled.
5am he was screaming again so I went in and he was again hysterical, I carried him into the lounge and told him he could stop crying because it was morning now and he didnt have to go back to bed. Then he started screaming and flicking his head in pain like someone was stabbing sharp needles through his ears. He was throwing himself all over the place in pain and my worst fear was he would crack his head open on the floor or the toy box. I called out to Stephen to take a look and we decided to go to the hospital.
I rang Nanny to come and sit with Baby Esther. Stephen rang the hospital to say we were coming out and they asked him had he tried contacting his regular GP. Well who can see there regular GP at the best of times let alone at 5am. That comment just takes the cake!
Nanny arrives and we head out to the hospital, Bob is strangely quiet but looking out the window. We see a ute pulled up in the middle of the road and a Police car behind it and a large black labrador dog in front on the road with blood on its back hip. Somebody ring the dog an ambulance for gods sake.

We arrive at the hospital at 7am and wait around an hour before being seen by a Dr. of course Bob wouldnt cooperate with anyone but it appears he has an ear infection which was what I suspected. He may have had it a couple of days but I thought he was having nightmares from the blood test two days earlier. Am I a bad mother? Well how are you meant to know these things when they cant talk yet, I suspect the poor Labrador was having the same trouble comunicating this morning telling them where it hurt and where he came from. I hope he was ok. he was sitting up but he wasnt moving much.

Anyway we came back home with free medicine, you gotta love that. But Bob just wanted his Nanny so he went off home with her. Maybe I am a bad mother but he wanted her more and who am I to argue..... hope your better soon baby Bob.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Whole Week

Well nearly a whole week has gone by since my last blog, what can I say other than Im a busy lady with nothing much going on to write about. We did just have a long weekend and I had planned on doing some gardening amongst other things but alas the three days flew past and I really got nothing done other than the usual tasks like washing etc. I did get to spend one afternoon with Sara though or Crafternoon as she named it. I didnt do anything other than supply the venue and the dinner though. Bob thought it was great having someone over who thinks he is pretty cute, he enjoys the whole attention thing but then who wouldnt. Esther on the other hand dosnt real know that someone has come to visit her and is still only interested in milk and being held. Well Im sorry Princess but there's more to life than those two things, wait until mummy shows you SHOPPING.

Although I didnt do much on the weekend, Stephen did cut the lawns and whipper snipper the edges so that all looks nice, my front garden does look very pretty though even if on close inspection its full of weeds. Its a lovely spring garden that is filled with brightly coloured freisa's, tulips, iris's and renaculi's and sundry other little flowering things, it really is looking very lovely and it does it all on its own, spring and nature are amazing things. I really should go out this weekend and have a tidy up out there though, it would make me feel better even though it still looks stunning with the weeds. I also need to prune the little hedge, sadly its been very neglected during both my pregnancies and now I feel rather sorry for it because it should be nice and straight and pruned regularly instead its just lots of little bushes in the lawn and no pruning has been done since a stray goat munched away at it a couple of years ago.
The hedges out the back look a lot better but are surounded by many many weeds so maybe I should make a start there, yesterday I cleaned the family room windows, its amazing how something so simple can make it look like you just finished renovating your house. Even the grass looks greener but unfortunatly so do the weeds so perhaps thats the best place to start. Trouble is.....no sooner I make a start and someone starts crying for attention.

The sun is shining this morning so after lunch would be a perfect time to make a start outside but I have organised to pick up Kelsey for some quality time, she is bringing her quilt and we may do some of that or ........maybe not. I guess its a crafternoon so to speak only I still wont be doing anything, my quilt is at a standstill, lack of motivation gets in my way all the time, I guess Im just stalling because I have no idea what Im doing and after I have cooked the dinner and bathed Bob and washed and steralised all the bottles and then done the dishes by the time I sit down I only have time to dig myself a hole and then fill it in, there is no time to do hand sewing in between. I must confess I did make another bib for Esther on Sunday even though I said I wouldnt start any new projects until I finished an old one, I like the bib but its got some pretty bad sewing, well not bad sewing but the bias binding wasnt really wide enough so it hasnt really caught the edges enough to be totally secure for the rigours of babyhood so I will have to come up with another plan there. The red fabric with the cutlery print does look extra special on a bib though and they do soak up the Esther overflow very well. I also made a couple of little Blankies for Bob I thought it might stop him from stealing the washing of the clothes line but apparantly that is a lot more fun than holding a blanket your allowed to have.

Friday, October 1, 2010

I Worry!

I worry about my niece who is obsessed by her own creativness, not that she is creative but more so that when she isnt she goes into melt down, I remember being being exactly the same, I always had to have a special project on the go, sometimes even two, now Im just happy to have a thought about one. Just something to scratch the itch, to take my mind of the fact that TV is boring, I dont even care if its knitting a blanket, of course Im more excited when I have created something new or improved on something old but seriously even darning socks is interesting now. Well maybe thats not so true but at least I have a needle in my hand and my brain is occupied

Now I love to share a skill with someone else, does that mean Im old now? A couple of years ago I taught an auntie how to knit a knee rug, this apparantly made me "the Guru" but it was wonderfull reading her emails about where she had bought wool on sale, what colour it was and how cheap it was or how nice it was, then that would be followed by photos of what she had made. I had created a monster but it was GREAT! Knowing I had inspired someone to have a passion for something as much as I would myself. Then someone showed her how to crochet and now she also crochet's knee rugs then she taught another cousin how to do that so now she is their "Guru"
Craft and inspiration and the willingness to share ones skill is really a special gift, not necesarily something you use all the time but a gift you always have for life and I love sharing mine. I cant wait to share it with Bob and Esther, I want to be a Mummy that has time to show my kids these things, Im an older mum so I need to share with them all these skills that they can use when they are older, it will be my gift for them to share with their kids. Yes I know its rantings fron the crazy lady but even if they arnt interested its something they will always have.
I remember my Mum teaching me to sew, I sat on the lounge and sewed a piece of fabric, I dont remember what I was sewing, I think I was just practicing stitching and I accidently sewed it to my trouser leg. Now I wasnt about to ruin my sewing so I got the scissors and very carefully cut my trousers where my sewing was attached then proudly displayed to my mother what I had done. I dont remember her yelling at me....she probably did but I had just done in my mind the Da Vinci of all sewing and I wasnt going to let a pair of trousers get in the way of art. Then there was the highs and lows of knitting,I was knitting my first piece and I had of course dropped the odd stitch as you do and my little sister sat in the corner behind a chair and unpulled it, I was absolutly devestated that she could do that, it took me so long to do and she seemed to be proud of herself for helping me out because it had dropped stitches. Well I knit and sew and she does nothing, she is as useless at craft now as she was all those years ago hiding in the corner with someone elses knitting. She didnt get the gift

I Worry!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank God its Payday

Cant believe its already Thursday but thank the Lord that it is because I only had $10 left. In my previous life I would be pretty pleased to still have $10 left in my purse, I would have considered myself to be loaded but now that I have a husband and two children I feel obliged to still have some money for some unforseen emergency like needing milk or bread or one of the major food groups necessary for living like chocolate or a bag of chips or in my husbands eyes a bag of rasberry bullets to save his life.
Mind you I have already spent a fair wack of my wages this week and I didnt even have to try hard. My wonderfull husband bought me a gold and diamond eternity ring for our wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago which was a great surprise to me because we dont usually do the present thing. Anyway he chose it himself and much to his surprise I even liked it, he wanted to have it engraved with the kids names but wasnt sure if I would like the ring so wasnt brave enough to have it engraved before he gave it to me. It was actually a little small even though he used my wedding rings to get the correct size (snuk them out of the house when I wasnt wearing them) well I have just had a baby and put on quite a bit of weight so off course they are going to be tight but anyway went to the jewellers on Saturday to have the new ring resized and engraved and the jeweller insisted on resizing my wedding & engagement rings as well. He also thought it rather odd that I would ask to have the ring engraved on the outside not the inside, I explained that you engrave bracelets on the outside to why not a ring, he said I guess your right just that no one ever asked for it before.
There was a jeweller coming in on Wednesday from Warrnambool and he wanted him to do all three rings. I agreed to that because the last job there inhouse jeweller did was crap! They rang in the afternoon to say they were all ready so of course I go in to pick them up the next day and that will be $130 thanks, I give him $140 and then had to ask for the change because he just wasnt offering any. Then he tells me the eternity ring was still at the engravers and he would have to go and pick it up and it would be about half an hour. Why the hell did they ring the day before and say they were all ready if they obviously wer'nt and where the hell did he take them to be engraved? So I had to wander up and down the street for half an hour while he went and collected my ring. I was pretty peed of about that because what should have taken me five minutes ended up taking nearly an hour, when I went in to collect it he was serving someone else but his wife knew what I wanted so went out the back to get it for me, five minutes later he pulls my ring out of his pocket and gives it to me while he continues to serve the same people and while his wife was still looking for it out the back.......Well I was left almost speechless, I think I might find a new jeweller from now on. Anyway...point being Im already nearly out of money again and there are another seven days until the next payday and quite a large power bill waiting to be paid amongst others, it just never ends does it.
It also appears to be a long weekend this weekend so BUMMER that I dont have spare cash as we might go over the border and do some shopping on Monday as it isnt a holiday in Victoria.

Alas I must go as one of the two munchkins is making funny squeeky noises so I must sort that out now and then comes the next dilema.......Whats for dinner tonight? and what do you feed a toddler that is allergic to tomato's and milk (dairy) and only throws his food on the floor anyway. Im still thinking about cutting out the middle man and throwing his dinner straight onto the floor because that would save him from doing it and I wouldnt have to wash another plate.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28th already, a bloody Tuesday for gods sake, why is it that the weekends go so so fast and the weekdays drag on forever. Another very short night just wizzed by though, got up twice to feed the baby, I feel like I get out of bed more often than I get into bed. Its a terrible affliction but I guess it has to be done but its so so warm in between the sheets and doona and so so cold sitting in a chair, I can see the warm bed but just cant stay in it long enough. Of course the very short nights are followed by the very long long days that just go on forever only to be followed by another short night watching the bed but not laying in it.
I also had to get up very early because my 16 month old thinks its great to wake up super early and start singing and playing music both of which I find rather funny even if it is so early it always makes me giggle that you can be that happy and entertaining so early in the morning.
This morning however was totally different, he was screaming like he was stuck somewhere, he sleeps in a cot so I assumed he had a leg head or arm stuck through the bars. I literally flew out of bed to run to the back of the house to his bedroom to save his life by just getting there a second before he took his maybe last breath ever only to find everything in his cot sitting in a large pile on the floor beside his cot & he seemed to be looking sadly between the wall and cot & screaming. I thought maybe his arm was jammed down there but it wasnt so when I looked down there what did I find...... a tiny pair of socks that he had pulled off his own feet and shoved down between the bars. I dont know what he was screaming about, he certainly didnt want them back on his feet. He must have just run out of things to play with and wanted them back hence all the screaming.

Anyway I got him dressed and made him breakfast which he preceeded to throw on the floor. Im thinking I should just cut out the middle man and put all his food onto the floor and put him there to so he can pick it up straight from the floor and that would save me washing a plate.
After breakfast he proceeded to push all our dining room chairs up against the front door. He is a little interior decorator......bless him! Of all mornings to do this, I had a knock at the front door, bloody hell it took me a few minutes to fight my way through all the furniture to get the door open. The parcel postman was there with a parcel for our new baby so Im off now to open it and see what she got. Then I guess I will have to put all the furniture back in the correct rooms and get my gang ready to go to work. You gotta love Tuesdays

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday 11th September 2010, well who would have thought, nearly two years on since my first blog that I dont remember ever doing. Well a lot of water has certainly passed under the bridge since then. The baby I was told I would never have has now turned into two babies that I well and truley have, love and are keeping. Appart from my wonderfull husband they are the best thing I have ever achieved in life, it was a long and hard road getting them but well worth the wait. Bob is 15 months old and makes me laugh every day, Esther is nearly 4 weeks old and is so beautifull I cant believe she is really ours but we are definatly keeping her. Oddly Bob never looked familiar to me but Esther just looks like all the other kids in our life, she was always meant to be here. Anyway I must go for now as everyday life is calling me, actually its a baby going whaa whaa and the thought of Saturday morning shopping.