Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Nothing new

Not much crafting gone on over the last couple of days, Princess Whiney has been constipated, I must admit its been terrible for her but I think she is liking all the attention from Mummy and now she is just putting it on so to speak so I drop everything and run to her, waiting and hoping that the little pebble poops make an appearance. I have been giving her brown sugar in water which she is liking a lot and its definatly helping her situation but it dosnt get my crafting done. I know that sounds selfish and mothers arnt meant to be selfish but Im trying to make christmas presents and stuff for the up coming market in February.
I did get a little pair of shorts made for Bob yesterday, Tillie found some very cute jersey fabric in Spotlight on the weekend and I thought it would make a lovely pair of pyjama shorts for Bob, it took me a day to lay the pattern out, a day to cut it up and another day to get it sewn. No Im not a slow sewer but as I said earlier Princess Whiney as she is now known has had a bottom issue, actually so has Bob but at least you dont hear him whinging about it, he is ok now though, just a bad couple of days. Personally I think its the water, the town supply changed to bore water and the water is brown and most of the time smells like sewerage.
Anyway the shorts are done, I changed the pattern a bit as there where four pieces and I adapted it to just two. I hate sewing jersey as I dont have an overlocker and when I started sewing I remembered why I dont like sewing. They turned out ok but I think I will stick to cottons from now on. They are in the wash as we speak so the photo will have to be taken another day.

I do have a couple of promised shots of the baby bunting though

The kids had a bit of a play in the ball pit the other day, well Esther was in there first and Bob just couldnt bare it so he hopped in to, it was pretty funny really. Esther quited enjoyed all the pretty coloured balls and when she layed down Im sure the balls sounded funny on her ears. Bob did a funny jiggy thing on the side, he seems to ride it like a pony, obviously his newest latest trick he has learnt all on his own.

Ohhhhh preddy!

Bob getting jiggy with it

Mum kept putting balls in Bob's shirt

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Sara said...

We've been on bore water for 15 years but I still consider myself an expert pooper...