Saturday, October 16, 2010

Poor Bob

Saturday 16th October, Bobs first vist to the Hospital as a patient since he was born. On Thursday he had to have a blood test to see what allergies he has that is causing his nasty rashes, well this maybe an easy exercise for an adult or a bit older child but for a 17 month old its very traumatic to say the least. They put an anesthetic patch on his inner elbow so he wouldnt feel the needle, that was bad enough getting that on. We returned in an hour and had to wait for both nurses to be free, he threw an absolute tantrum in the waiting room because he wasnt allowed to open the doors and drawers and frankly he just didnt want to be there, I ended up ringing his Dad to come down as he only works down the road. By that time Bob was hysterical then we had to go into the room and pull the patch off his arm to take a blood sample. It appears he is also allergic to the numbing patch but anyway it takes three of us to hold him down and one nurse to get the sample. He was so traumatised I had to take him straight home and he just couldnt stop sobbing all the way home. That night he kept on waking up screaming, apparantly having nightmares about the whole nasty event.

Friday night was much the same, woke at 2am crying but I just left him and he went back to sleep, woke again at 4am hysterical, nothing would console him not even a bottle of milk. I had to take him into the lounge and lay on the floor with him just to calm him down. He had a small amount of milk then stood up and walked to the door that leads to his bedroom so I took him back to his room and put him back into his cot where he preceded to scream his head off. I ended up just walking out and he soon settled.
5am he was screaming again so I went in and he was again hysterical, I carried him into the lounge and told him he could stop crying because it was morning now and he didnt have to go back to bed. Then he started screaming and flicking his head in pain like someone was stabbing sharp needles through his ears. He was throwing himself all over the place in pain and my worst fear was he would crack his head open on the floor or the toy box. I called out to Stephen to take a look and we decided to go to the hospital.
I rang Nanny to come and sit with Baby Esther. Stephen rang the hospital to say we were coming out and they asked him had he tried contacting his regular GP. Well who can see there regular GP at the best of times let alone at 5am. That comment just takes the cake!
Nanny arrives and we head out to the hospital, Bob is strangely quiet but looking out the window. We see a ute pulled up in the middle of the road and a Police car behind it and a large black labrador dog in front on the road with blood on its back hip. Somebody ring the dog an ambulance for gods sake.

We arrive at the hospital at 7am and wait around an hour before being seen by a Dr. of course Bob wouldnt cooperate with anyone but it appears he has an ear infection which was what I suspected. He may have had it a couple of days but I thought he was having nightmares from the blood test two days earlier. Am I a bad mother? Well how are you meant to know these things when they cant talk yet, I suspect the poor Labrador was having the same trouble comunicating this morning telling them where it hurt and where he came from. I hope he was ok. he was sitting up but he wasnt moving much.

Anyway we came back home with free medicine, you gotta love that. But Bob just wanted his Nanny so he went off home with her. Maybe I am a bad mother but he wanted her more and who am I to argue..... hope your better soon baby Bob.

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