Friday, October 1, 2010

I Worry!

I worry about my niece who is obsessed by her own creativness, not that she is creative but more so that when she isnt she goes into melt down, I remember being being exactly the same, I always had to have a special project on the go, sometimes even two, now Im just happy to have a thought about one. Just something to scratch the itch, to take my mind of the fact that TV is boring, I dont even care if its knitting a blanket, of course Im more excited when I have created something new or improved on something old but seriously even darning socks is interesting now. Well maybe thats not so true but at least I have a needle in my hand and my brain is occupied

Now I love to share a skill with someone else, does that mean Im old now? A couple of years ago I taught an auntie how to knit a knee rug, this apparantly made me "the Guru" but it was wonderfull reading her emails about where she had bought wool on sale, what colour it was and how cheap it was or how nice it was, then that would be followed by photos of what she had made. I had created a monster but it was GREAT! Knowing I had inspired someone to have a passion for something as much as I would myself. Then someone showed her how to crochet and now she also crochet's knee rugs then she taught another cousin how to do that so now she is their "Guru"
Craft and inspiration and the willingness to share ones skill is really a special gift, not necesarily something you use all the time but a gift you always have for life and I love sharing mine. I cant wait to share it with Bob and Esther, I want to be a Mummy that has time to show my kids these things, Im an older mum so I need to share with them all these skills that they can use when they are older, it will be my gift for them to share with their kids. Yes I know its rantings fron the crazy lady but even if they arnt interested its something they will always have.
I remember my Mum teaching me to sew, I sat on the lounge and sewed a piece of fabric, I dont remember what I was sewing, I think I was just practicing stitching and I accidently sewed it to my trouser leg. Now I wasnt about to ruin my sewing so I got the scissors and very carefully cut my trousers where my sewing was attached then proudly displayed to my mother what I had done. I dont remember her yelling at me....she probably did but I had just done in my mind the Da Vinci of all sewing and I wasnt going to let a pair of trousers get in the way of art. Then there was the highs and lows of knitting,I was knitting my first piece and I had of course dropped the odd stitch as you do and my little sister sat in the corner behind a chair and unpulled it, I was absolutly devestated that she could do that, it took me so long to do and she seemed to be proud of herself for helping me out because it had dropped stitches. Well I knit and sew and she does nothing, she is as useless at craft now as she was all those years ago hiding in the corner with someone elses knitting. She didnt get the gift

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Sara said...

LOL, sucks to be Mary I guess.

I don't know that I'm gunna go into meltdown just yet, it's more that there are so many things on my want-to-do list that I feel really bad when I cant seem to drum up the motivation to actually get one started. I'm better once it's on the go, because I'm filled with a desire for the damn thing to be done already, but starting a project is like getting up in the morning. Not something I'm good at.

Still, new cutter blades arrived in the mail last night, and that's always a good motivator.