Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Whole Week

Well nearly a whole week has gone by since my last blog, what can I say other than Im a busy lady with nothing much going on to write about. We did just have a long weekend and I had planned on doing some gardening amongst other things but alas the three days flew past and I really got nothing done other than the usual tasks like washing etc. I did get to spend one afternoon with Sara though or Crafternoon as she named it. I didnt do anything other than supply the venue and the dinner though. Bob thought it was great having someone over who thinks he is pretty cute, he enjoys the whole attention thing but then who wouldnt. Esther on the other hand dosnt real know that someone has come to visit her and is still only interested in milk and being held. Well Im sorry Princess but there's more to life than those two things, wait until mummy shows you SHOPPING.

Although I didnt do much on the weekend, Stephen did cut the lawns and whipper snipper the edges so that all looks nice, my front garden does look very pretty though even if on close inspection its full of weeds. Its a lovely spring garden that is filled with brightly coloured freisa's, tulips, iris's and renaculi's and sundry other little flowering things, it really is looking very lovely and it does it all on its own, spring and nature are amazing things. I really should go out this weekend and have a tidy up out there though, it would make me feel better even though it still looks stunning with the weeds. I also need to prune the little hedge, sadly its been very neglected during both my pregnancies and now I feel rather sorry for it because it should be nice and straight and pruned regularly instead its just lots of little bushes in the lawn and no pruning has been done since a stray goat munched away at it a couple of years ago.
The hedges out the back look a lot better but are surounded by many many weeds so maybe I should make a start there, yesterday I cleaned the family room windows, its amazing how something so simple can make it look like you just finished renovating your house. Even the grass looks greener but unfortunatly so do the weeds so perhaps thats the best place to start. Trouble sooner I make a start and someone starts crying for attention.

The sun is shining this morning so after lunch would be a perfect time to make a start outside but I have organised to pick up Kelsey for some quality time, she is bringing her quilt and we may do some of that or ........maybe not. I guess its a crafternoon so to speak only I still wont be doing anything, my quilt is at a standstill, lack of motivation gets in my way all the time, I guess Im just stalling because I have no idea what Im doing and after I have cooked the dinner and bathed Bob and washed and steralised all the bottles and then done the dishes by the time I sit down I only have time to dig myself a hole and then fill it in, there is no time to do hand sewing in between. I must confess I did make another bib for Esther on Sunday even though I said I wouldnt start any new projects until I finished an old one, I like the bib but its got some pretty bad sewing, well not bad sewing but the bias binding wasnt really wide enough so it hasnt really caught the edges enough to be totally secure for the rigours of babyhood so I will have to come up with another plan there. The red fabric with the cutlery print does look extra special on a bib though and they do soak up the Esther overflow very well. I also made a couple of little Blankies for Bob I thought it might stop him from stealing the washing of the clothes line but apparantly that is a lot more fun than holding a blanket your allowed to have.

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