Friday, February 4, 2011

Blog Guilt

To blog or not to blog that is my guilt question, I just cant seem to find the time to blog and feel guilty when reading Sara's blog everyday and not blog myself so to my few readers sorry I have nothing to blog about other than what my children have been doing

Esthers first ride in the walker and she loved it
 Much to Bob's disgust, his sister is now the proud owner of a secondhand walker complete with sound effects, now Bob I know that it was ONCE yours but it is now your sisters so hand over the registration papers buddy cause Esther has wheels

Tillie and Lexie helped me build a castle
 I got a $100 voucher from  Target for filling in some online sureys so Bob got this climbing castle for his birthday, I know its not his birthday until May but everyday is your birthday when your that age and he dosnt know when his birthday is anyway so I gave it to him now and Tillie and Lexie were very helpfull when it came to putting it together because there were no instructions. I have cut and shut it since the photos were taken and put a floor in on the secondfloor so Bob can climb up himself and then go across to the slide without much effort. He is loving it and Im sure it will have a lot of use in the years to come.

And Bob loves it

Bob and Esther watching TV together
 Bob hadnt slept all day so when this photo was taken so he was very tired, I think thats why he sat next to his sister for so long. Today seems to be another day of not sleeping, its now 3pm and he is still making silly noises in his bedroom instead of sleeping, I guess I will leave him a bit longer and if he dosnt go quiet I will get him up, he may as well be playing because he is a lot quieter when he is playing and I dont want him to wake his sister up

Grandma's Australia Day Party

Grandma had an Australia Day BBQ at her nursing home so we went along to help her celebrate.

Tillie and Lexie
Two of my beautifull nieces Tillie and Lexie put together a "Shoebox of Love" for the QLD flood victims
An Adelaide based Rotary club organised it all. You just got a shoebox or similar sized container and filled it with nice things to send to a flood victim, they both did one for a girl the same age as themselves, they filled them with coloured pencils, paper, pencil cases, a toy or nice trinkets etc you know the drill, something nice to give to someone who has lost everything, I did a sewing box with scissors, measure tape, needles, pins, buttons etc etc. Two complete truck loads were send over and at this moment are being distributed by another rotary club, we have been following it on Facebook so its been nice to see that something small we did this end has made someone somewhere else very happy and we know they werent just thrown away as rubbish or left in a warehouse somewhere. The three of us had a great time doing them and I hope they are being put to good use.


Sara said...

yay for blogging...

I'm gunna be over at some point tomorrow, since it's the first unofficial day of my holidays. Wont be till afternoon (obviously) but if you wanna go shop, let me know and I'll be there earlier.

take the cake said...

I should be home, already been to Spotlight and Lincraft on Saturday.
Whats happened to Casey she was coming for icing tips?
So is Sunday crafternoon or just visiting?

Kelsey said...

Gawsh our family sure has produced some attractives. I love my board, its next to the wall by my bed. Blog more!