Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Bib's & Blankies

This particular post is for Tama who now has a baby all of her own, its the easiest way of showing her lots of photo's with least amount of fuss and for other readers I make bibs and blankies because I just cant find nice bibs for my own kids, they are either too expensive or rubbish quality, this is why us crafty mothers make our own, of course I had so much fun making them that I couldnt stop. I confess I love fabric, I love the colours and the textures, I love what they can morf into, I love to create beautifull things and sometimes I create usefull things. I started making these particular bibs for my baby "Esther" but there are so many lovely fabrics that I just couldnt stop so I decided to make some for her and sell the rest at the new"Mini Me Market".
I also have a little boy and I know how hard it is to get nice things for little boys so everytime I saw a nice boy fabric I also turned that into bibs or blankies. They must have been well liked because a lot of the boy bibs just sold out. This wasnt the case for blankies but to be honest our table was quite small and there were a lot of things on there and they were just not displayed as good as they should have been anyway here are the photo's of what I have left.

this is a small selection of what I made

3 different looking bibs all from the same fabric

Front & back

All of the above bibs are $5.00 each

Red spots & stars pram blankie $15.00
the stars are polar fleece and the spots is a cotton

Boy's airoplane blankie $5.00
Planes are polar fleece & robots on the reverse side is flanelette

Dinosour Blankie
Dinosours in polar fleece and robots in flanalette $5.00

Polar fleece dinosours & flanalette airoplanes $5.00

Girls polar fleece & cotton Elephants $10.00

A close up of the reverse side fabric

Monkey Blankie $15.00
Moneys are in a fine corderoy and the back in polar fleece

Elephant/stripe blankie $10.00
Polar fleece elephants and flanelette stripe

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