Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thank God its Payday

Cant believe its already Thursday but thank the Lord that it is because I only had $10 left. In my previous life I would be pretty pleased to still have $10 left in my purse, I would have considered myself to be loaded but now that I have a husband and two children I feel obliged to still have some money for some unforseen emergency like needing milk or bread or one of the major food groups necessary for living like chocolate or a bag of chips or in my husbands eyes a bag of rasberry bullets to save his life.
Mind you I have already spent a fair wack of my wages this week and I didnt even have to try hard. My wonderfull husband bought me a gold and diamond eternity ring for our wedding anniversary a couple of weeks ago which was a great surprise to me because we dont usually do the present thing. Anyway he chose it himself and much to his surprise I even liked it, he wanted to have it engraved with the kids names but wasnt sure if I would like the ring so wasnt brave enough to have it engraved before he gave it to me. It was actually a little small even though he used my wedding rings to get the correct size (snuk them out of the house when I wasnt wearing them) well I have just had a baby and put on quite a bit of weight so off course they are going to be tight but anyway went to the jewellers on Saturday to have the new ring resized and engraved and the jeweller insisted on resizing my wedding & engagement rings as well. He also thought it rather odd that I would ask to have the ring engraved on the outside not the inside, I explained that you engrave bracelets on the outside to why not a ring, he said I guess your right just that no one ever asked for it before.
There was a jeweller coming in on Wednesday from Warrnambool and he wanted him to do all three rings. I agreed to that because the last job there inhouse jeweller did was crap! They rang in the afternoon to say they were all ready so of course I go in to pick them up the next day and that will be $130 thanks, I give him $140 and then had to ask for the change because he just wasnt offering any. Then he tells me the eternity ring was still at the engravers and he would have to go and pick it up and it would be about half an hour. Why the hell did they ring the day before and say they were all ready if they obviously wer'nt and where the hell did he take them to be engraved? So I had to wander up and down the street for half an hour while he went and collected my ring. I was pretty peed of about that because what should have taken me five minutes ended up taking nearly an hour, when I went in to collect it he was serving someone else but his wife knew what I wanted so went out the back to get it for me, five minutes later he pulls my ring out of his pocket and gives it to me while he continues to serve the same people and while his wife was still looking for it out the back.......Well I was left almost speechless, I think I might find a new jeweller from now on. Anyway...point being Im already nearly out of money again and there are another seven days until the next payday and quite a large power bill waiting to be paid amongst others, it just never ends does it.
It also appears to be a long weekend this weekend so BUMMER that I dont have spare cash as we might go over the border and do some shopping on Monday as it isnt a holiday in Victoria.

Alas I must go as one of the two munchkins is making funny squeeky noises so I must sort that out now and then comes the next dilema.......Whats for dinner tonight? and what do you feed a toddler that is allergic to tomato's and milk (dairy) and only throws his food on the floor anyway. Im still thinking about cutting out the middle man and throwing his dinner straight onto the floor because that would save him from doing it and I wouldnt have to wash another plate.

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