Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday 11th September 2010, well who would have thought, nearly two years on since my first blog that I dont remember ever doing. Well a lot of water has certainly passed under the bridge since then. The baby I was told I would never have has now turned into two babies that I well and truley have, love and are keeping. Appart from my wonderfull husband they are the best thing I have ever achieved in life, it was a long and hard road getting them but well worth the wait. Bob is 15 months old and makes me laugh every day, Esther is nearly 4 weeks old and is so beautifull I cant believe she is really ours but we are definatly keeping her. Oddly Bob never looked familiar to me but Esther just looks like all the other kids in our life, she was always meant to be here. Anyway I must go for now as everyday life is calling me, actually its a baby going whaa whaa and the thought of Saturday morning shopping.

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