Tuesday, September 28, 2010

September 28th already, a bloody Tuesday for gods sake, why is it that the weekends go so so fast and the weekdays drag on forever. Another very short night just wizzed by though, got up twice to feed the baby, I feel like I get out of bed more often than I get into bed. Its a terrible affliction but I guess it has to be done but its so so warm in between the sheets and doona and so so cold sitting in a chair, I can see the warm bed but just cant stay in it long enough. Of course the very short nights are followed by the very long long days that just go on forever only to be followed by another short night watching the bed but not laying in it.
I also had to get up very early because my 16 month old thinks its great to wake up super early and start singing and playing music both of which I find rather funny even if it is so early it always makes me giggle that you can be that happy and entertaining so early in the morning.
This morning however was totally different, he was screaming like he was stuck somewhere, he sleeps in a cot so I assumed he had a leg head or arm stuck through the bars. I literally flew out of bed to run to the back of the house to his bedroom to save his life by just getting there a second before he took his maybe last breath ever only to find everything in his cot sitting in a large pile on the floor beside his cot & he seemed to be looking sadly between the wall and cot & screaming. I thought maybe his arm was jammed down there but it wasnt so when I looked down there what did I find...... a tiny pair of socks that he had pulled off his own feet and shoved down between the bars. I dont know what he was screaming about, he certainly didnt want them back on his feet. He must have just run out of things to play with and wanted them back hence all the screaming.

Anyway I got him dressed and made him breakfast which he preceeded to throw on the floor. Im thinking I should just cut out the middle man and put all his food onto the floor and put him there to so he can pick it up straight from the floor and that would save me washing a plate.
After breakfast he proceeded to push all our dining room chairs up against the front door. He is a little interior decorator......bless him! Of all mornings to do this, I had a knock at the front door, bloody hell it took me a few minutes to fight my way through all the furniture to get the door open. The parcel postman was there with a parcel for our new baby so Im off now to open it and see what she got. Then I guess I will have to put all the furniture back in the correct rooms and get my gang ready to go to work. You gotta love Tuesdays


Sara said...

Sorry we couldn't make it to your place today, especially on the day that you too had stuff from the postman. If you're free this weekend I have Saturday off, and it would be nice to get away from the reheated footy I'd have to put up with at home.

take the cake said...

Always available for you Sara, cause your the bestest.