Sunday, November 6, 2011

The last couple of months in pictures

Again just a quick update in photos because Im too busy and perhaps too lazy to sit and actually write a whole blog post
Crochet Bunny for Lexie

Sunglasses case made by my niece 11 year old, Tillie with a  bit of help from me

A placemat for playgroup that teaches kids how to set the table properly

And this is how it looks when its set

12 month old Esther climbing into her dolly cot because she can


Nannies 71st birthday

A spot of 3D cooking, amazing Mickey Mouse Cookies, the kids loved them

Bob wearing his Mums cardigan

Fathers day, Bob is so proud he made his first card for Daddy at playgroup

Our first family photo at Aunty Jills 50th Birthday

Bob wearing his new apron that Mummy made

Bob helping put the days of the week out at playgroup

Esther building a shelf with help from daddy

Decorating a horror theme birthday cake

Photo's got out of order here but still building a shelf and telling Daddy how its done

Kelsey's Birthday cake

A special vist from cousin Jensen and Bob loved sharing his little lounge

Even if it wasnt very comfortable

I also made some fingers for Kelseys Horror theme party

And then she asked me to make a tongue as well

The cake finished

The back view ( oh so pretty)

There will be plenty more photos coming soon, including Bob and Esthers first trip to the beach

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