Friday, May 20, 2011

A mish mash of photo's

More photos without many words because Im lazy
What went inside Maddy's I spy Bag

The bag above I made for Maddy, the circle is a clear panel, the bag is filled with plastic filling beads and then all the trinkets in the first photo, the idea is you fiddle with the bag until you find all the things.
Bob's special drawer box

Stephen made this little box for Bob, its like a money box with a slot at the top and he has buttons that he drops through into the drawer but typically Bob pulls the drawer out and watches where and how the buttons fall into the box
Boo! Esther Posing for her Mum
Esther telling Poppy funny stories
Tillie's 11th Birthday quilt
Bob at the Library, they have great things for kids to do and he made a huge tower with the huge blocks in the baby room
Lettuce's for playgroup
Bob getting a feel for the felt vegetables
A plate of fruit and Veg for playgroup
Bob's new trailer that Poppy built for him, he loves towing it around but its very hard to reverse park
My birthday breakfast with my beautifull babies
My Beautifull husband with his hands FULL!
My beautifull boy with his hands full
Tillie and Lexie with my birthday cake that Kelsey made
Thanks Kelsey
Esther and Lavinia
Esther being a rascal in the toy box
Bob wearing Maddy's Hat, he thought he was pretty cool
The back of the beautifull quilt that Sara made me for my birthday
Sorry I dont have a photo of the front yet
Esther giving the quilt the dribble seal of approval
Esther learnt to stand up in bed so we knew she was awake
As if the noise wasnt a big enough hint!
The easter Bunny came
Bob got a Spot Book, a Tractor and a chocolate crackle easter egg filled with tiny eggs
Esther got a beautifull book to
Esthers Tutu that her Mummy made, no good photo's though because I couldnt get her to keep still
Bob's new Truck, handed down from his Poppy
Thought he would take it for a spin down the drive way
The original owner and the new owner of the truck
Esther worked out an ingenious way of making herself taller to reach the toys on the table
And Bob stood by to make sure she didnt touch anything that wasnt hers
Mothers day High Tea
Bob made himself comfortable at the High Tea
The wonderfull staff of the Double Cream Cafe
Best High Tea Ever!
Thanks girls, us Mums loved it

A bit of a marathon effort posting these photos so pat on the back to me because Im freezing and still have a million more photo's to post but not tonight


thea said...

nice. what are those cute little sleepy things the kids were using on the floor?

take the cake said...

Thea they are a little fold out lounge, they are fantastic for the little ones, Bob always lays on his and watches TV and drinks his bottles. they fold up again to become a chair but they like it open to lay on best of all